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    First Class Honours BA in Business Management & Finance from Coventry University, UK.

    First Class Honours BA in Business Management & Finance from Coventry University, UK.

    Jakarta – Indonesia


    My experience studying at CIA College has been very satisfactory and great.
    The lectures can explain the lessons very thoroughly, which makes it easy for new students to follow the lessons. They are very interactive with the students and make the lessons more lively.

    Alumni Testimonials
    Felix Johan
    Level 4 in Information Technology
    Jakarta, Indonesia


    I have been studying at CIA College for 1,5 years from University foundation Diploma L3 to Degree pathways diploma 4 & 5. It is the most enjoyable year of my student life.

    I’m now doing my degree top-up BSc in Business Management (Hon.) at University of Bolton, UK.

    Thank you CIA College for pioneering this online fast track degree program which makes it possible for me to join from Pekanbaru during this COVID-19 pandemic season.

    jeremy sebastian
    Jeremy Sebastian
    Degree top-up BSc Business Management at University of Bolton, UK
    Pekanbaru, Indonesia


    I just earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management with upper second Honours (GPA 3.59) From Buckinghamshire New University, United Kingdom at the age of 19.

    My experience of learning at BNU has been unique; I have learned a lot there. All of the professors are incredibly providing and kind, and they have supported me through every challenge I encountered while completing my tasks.

    Not only that, but I also had some incredibly enjoyable colleagues who helped me by introducing tools that may assist me write a better and more appropriate essay for my assignments.

    I am now working at Bank Central Asia. I am grateful to CIA College for making my dream come true.

    angela monica
    Angela Monica
    BA (Hons) Business Management at Buckinghamshire New University, UK
    Jakarta, Indonesia


    I studied diploma in Digital Entrepreneur. I am grateful to CIA college for introducing this program as an alternative to IGCSE. My lecturer from Ireland, Mr. Shane Downer, encourage and inspire me to start my own business. This program is really helpful to grow my business as a music producer for companies and game developers. One of the most important lessons I learned is how to start a business and market the brand through social media platforms.

    Timothy Alvian Saputra
    Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship
    Jakarta, Indonesia


    The classes are fun and I enjoyed them so much. There are many interactions between the lecturer and the student which make the class lively. The lecturers are very helpful and qualified. I am given many worksheets and tasks to complete which help me to be more independent, master the lessons, and gain more marks.

    Other benefits, many of my classmates are from different nationalities, which can broaden my opportunities. And the benefit I love the most about this program is, I can graduate in 2,5 years with a BSc degree from a Top UK university and the option to study in a UK university for one year on campus. It helps my parent’s finances because of time and cost savings. I can graduate from a UK university before 19 years old while my peers are still studying.

    stanly tjio
    Stanly Tjio
    Diploma 4 in Information & Technology
    Batam, Indonesia


    I enrolled in CIA College Business Administration diploma 3 about one and a half years and now I’m in Level 6 Diploma which is equivalent to Bachelor’s degree. Before joining CIA college, I studied in a local university for my bachelor’s degree and I can say that CIA College is different in a good way. From the way, the lecturer discussed the materials to the lecturer mentoring students to have a better understanding of the subject.

    I was skeptical at first. I don’t believe that full online study can work. After the  first 6 months, I experienced the benefits to study online than conventional learning. That’s the reason I will continue to pursue MBA from UK university with CIA College.

    Brandon Rinaldi
    Diploma 6 in Business Administration
    Jakarta, Indonesia