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Why Study With Us ?

Entry to multiple global universities

Our courses lead to qualifications awarded by UK Awarding Bodies. They are internationally recognised and accepted for admission with advanced standing into undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes at top-ranked universities in the UK. You will have more than 100 study destinations to choose from upon completion of the Level 5 or Level 7 Diploma.


Save cost

By starting online, you can save up to 70% on costs – with no extra housing, living or travel expenses – while you earn credits in your University Pathway Programmes. The total cost from the university foundation is around Rp. 180 million, compared to graduating from an Indonesian university, you will spend Rp. 200 million or more. It will be much higher if you graduate from a private university. 


Save time

Start immediately! Get a head start in your programme by starting right away. Each module is just 7 weeks in duration. You can graduate with a UK bachelors by the age of 19 or younger. Compare to a conventional university in Indonesia you will graduate by the age of 22. You’ll save the time of 3 years.


Prepared for overseas education

Demonstrate your commitment to securing an international degree before starting on campus. Also, get to know your future university through virtual campus and city tours, ‘lecturer in the field’, and Facebook Live.


Get a dynamic, real-world education online

The virtual learning environment delivers the most relevant and up-to-date content that can be changed in real-time based on regular global changes. Get essential experience and confidence for future roles by working remotely with lecturers and developing peer group connections online.


Professional and Qualified Lectures

All the lecturers are from Ireland, the UK, and Europe. They are a qualified practitioner and competent in their fields with minimum qualification of master’s degree. Here are some of our lecturers and tutors :

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